CHINKY syndrome

10 August 2009

One of my good Friend who was physically assaulted recently in South Delhi for being a Chinky.

“CHINKY” a term used rather in a derogatory sense generally called upon those ethnic communities from the North-eastern part of India by the so called civilized Northern plain Indians.

No matter how much we try to divide within ourselves into ethnic line as Naga,Kuki,Meitei,Mizo,Khasi,Garo,Bodo and so on But our Oriental looks and common eating habits force us into a single community of “CHINKIES”, a word used rather in a derogatory way or maybe a bitter hatred of Mainland Indians towards the CHINESE people for the aggression on their land and trying to compensate the humiliating defeat by rather down looking upon its own people who by default became part of India and have Oriental looks by nature.

Ever since India became Independent the CHINKY population of North-eastern India has been trying to adapt to the Indian way of life.

The great plain of India, the very place where civilization started in India where lord Krishna played his Mahabharata has produced many leaders and many intellectual people.
But the same acclaimed people of the great Aryan civilization who gave the world the religion of HINDUISM believed that the Oriental looking people are far inferior to them in every status of life socially, economically and morally.

Many have been exploited physically, sexually and mentally. Many Chinky girls have been raped, molested and many boys have been physically assaulted.

But the sheer determination of the Chinky Population to make a place for itself among the Mainland Indians and to be called Indians and its perseverance for it will one day become a reality.

Until than we should bear any torture and every time AHIMSA should be our ANSWER


Vinod_Sharma said...

I personally think that calling Indians with Mongoloid looks "chinkies" is not derogatory. It is just a way of describing someone based solely on his looks. Some North Indians call all South Indians "madrasis". That is similarly not said to demean anyone. If anything, it only shows the ignorance of some people and betrays the fact that they have not interacted with people from other parts of the country.

Gorkhas are also called "chinkies". But they do not react so sensitively. The do not need to. The simple fact is that they, as well as Nagas, Mizos, Manipuris, Khasis etc dress better than most of us and their deportment is also a lot more dignified and even proud. That is something that everyone can see.

The Chinese are not even in the frame. Are not all nations of East and South East Asia populated by people with mongoloid features? Thus, I strongly feel that Indians with such features should not feel any less Indian just some other Indians refer to them as "chinkies".

I am also aware that Krishna has a close association with the North East. Rukmini, his wife, was the daugther of King Bhishmank, if I recall correctly, whose great kingdom was in present day Arunachal Pradesh/Assam, near Pasighat. There are many other very old and inseparable links of the region with the so-called mainland.

One should not be upset just because some ignorant fools do not know anything about anything other than the wells they live in.

Ta'fxkz said...

Thanks- i wish i could apologize for the way my fellow indians address you and treat you

Shree Venkatram said...

I agree with Vinod. I do not think the word "chinky' is derogatory. North Indians like to describe people by their looks. I used to wear glasses in college and often had the word "Char-akhi" follow me. A cousin of mine was a rather fat baby and is stuck with the name "Golu" for the rest of his life, even though now he resembles a stick. "Chutki", "Chotti", "Kalu", "Chhotu" are common ways of referring to people by their size or skin colour. A Sikh boy in my neighbourhood who was very fair and had dark brown hair, was called 'Oh Angrez' by his friends.

Some decades ago, even so called educated people in Delhi referred to anyone south of the Vindhyas as Madrasis. Now, with greater movement of north Indians to the south, and south Indians to the north, they know more about each other.

It is only recently that Delhiites are getting to interact with youngsters from the North East. They are getting to know them as colleagues and friends. And as you say within a few more years, they will have better understanding of them.

About the girls being teased, as any woman in Delhi will tell you, she faces harassment on its streets. She may be old, fat, fair, dark, chinky or non chinky. It is the terrible culture of the city as far as women are concerned. Hopefully, with more decent men from other states coming in to the capital, the behaviour of Delhi's men towards women will change. I for one wait for that to happen!

The momos have gained great popularity here in the last few years. Most markets have a momo stall. Like the dosa, you can be sure it will capture the city. And as people get to know each other better, there is more understanding and appreciation.

I want to reasssure the people of the north east that the word Chinky is not demeaning, it is not meant to be!

Azho said...

When I was in gujarat my frens classmates and even Professors used to ask if am from Nepal or China. Most of the time I don't answer directly and depending on my mood sometimes I used to ask back "Are you a Pakistani?" Then they use to get furious and shoot back "why are you asking me that?".
Then I used to tell them "If you are not a Pakistani, you will know what your country is and what kind of people are living in this great country called India".
The reason why I ask them 'if they are Pakistani' is simple; to make them feel how we feel when we are treated like a foreigner in my own country. Thats the only way to make them realize how rude it is to assume someone based on the appearance.

If you want to know one of the main reason why many of our (educated?)countrymen and women are so ignorant about the NE India, go and look at the History (or any other school text books) do you find any mention of the History of NE India in our history text books? As if NE India does not have a history!!!!

The media talks only about the insurgency in NE (if at all they talk about NE). Does anyone rport about the sacrifices made by the Northeasterners in the Kargil War? Mind you Pakistan is no threat to NE Inidia. It is atleast 3000km from NE India. But does any one bother to think how many Northeasterners give their lives so that this great country may not disintegrate?

Aheibam said...

This is because of the arrogance and superiority complex of the North Indian people,that they dont feel any wrong by using those words.

Even in So called Bollywood, there is culture of stereotyping some group of people, e.g, Gujju Behn, Madrasi Style of speaking Hindi.

In other countries, such behaviors are strictly prohibited by law as Anti Racial Law, there people are also more liberal and wide minded.
In USA,Govt baned certain words, like NIger and Black Amerian is Replaced by African American.

We are Not upset, why should we be.

Let carry on like these forever, india will be a Developed Nation By 2020.

shashank said...

Here is a link to more information about the genetics of Char Syndrome that was prepared by our genetic counselor and which has links to some useful resources for those dealing with this condition: There is also a phone number listed if you need to speak to a genetic counselor by phone. I hope it helps. Thanks, AccessDNA

Emkay said...

I cannot accept that calling northeast people "chinkies" is justified. It is unethical and abusive. We know and everyone knows that they are chinks, what would be the reason calling them chinky other than the intention to abuse. Its like calling the dark skin people "black" or "negro". But we never call english people "white" instead we tend to use their name. Calling anyone base on their looks or skin color is racist. The term "chinkies" could be use to describe the northeast people or those who have mongoloid looks.but it does not mean that its their name.